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John Nance Productions - Board Retreats and Hospital Wide Education

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Over the past year, John J. Nance, author of Why Hospitals Should Fly has teamed up with Kathleen Bartholomew in delivering extremely effective governance presentations and Board Retreats across the nation - programs which have consistently drawn the highest praise and appreciation from boards and C-suites alike. The game changing element that makes Nance and Bartholomew so effective together is their ability to show a hospital (or medical system) board what constitutes real versus illusory progress in quality, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. With Kathleen Bartholomew's extensive clinical experience as an RN and nursing leader coupled with John Nance's international reputation for cutting to the heart of what matters in patient care and medical safety systems, the typical result is a renewed dedication and changed direction for the entire hospital. Few hospitals are as far along in their goals as they think. Nance & Bartholomew offer a comprehensive progress evaluation as well as improvement strategies to Hospitals and their Systems from within, offering not only educational insight but practical wisdom and tools to achieve the goals set.

I can’t encourage you two enough – your message was as inspiring as it was jaw-dropping.  The individuals – and there were many – with whom your message resonated – thanked me profusely for having you here.  I honestly don’t know where we’d begin if it wasn’t for your message and mission."  Larry Elmer, MD  University of Toledo

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New Partner!

Convergent HRS: High Reliability Solutions for Healthcare 
Increase Performance with High Reliability Organization (HRO) Methods!
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I am proud to announce my liaison with Convergent HRS. When it comes to tailored interface with the client and the ability to craft cultural change on the front line and in the ethos of the organization, Convergent HRS, John Nance and Kathleen Bartholomew make a powerful, sustained impact that staff will never refer to as "the flavor of the month".

"Dear Spence,
I want to thank you, Kathleen and John for a terrific program at the forum last Wednesday.  The scores were terrific with an overall of 9.7 out of 10!  The members felt energized and appreciated any and all examples and stories..."  Cynthia Hare, VP of VHA Southeast

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The Office of the National Nurse

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An Office of the National Nurse would strengthen efforts by nurses in every community to assist in initiating a nationwide shift to prevention to yield improved health outcomes.

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The Truth About Nursing

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Changing How the World Thinks About Nursing


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